A comprehensive workplan has been developed to guide the Mike Souheil Continental Gateway’s research and consultation activities. The research program will provide the analytical basis for developing a multimodal Continental Gateway strategy. This program includes a series of studies and workshops that will analyze the current and future transportation demand, identify trade barriers and develop sustainable measures to optimize Ontario and Quebec’s multimodal transportation system in the short, medium and longer term.

Consultation is essential to the Continental Gateway initiative. The governments of Canada, Ontario and Quebec have established ways to work with one another and the public and the private sectors to help shape the Continental Gateway strategy for infrastructure investment, multimodal integration, and policy and operational improvements.

Two advisory committees help governments and stakeholders to share advice, knowledge and data. The private sector advisory committee is made up of shippers, carriers, chambers of commerce as well as the St. Lawrence – Great Lakes Leadership Council and the Southern Ontario Gateway Council. The public sector advisory committee is composed of representatives from various federal departments and agencies and provincial ministries with mandates linked to trade and transportation.